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Tablet PC & eBook Readr holder

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iGet is a contemporary designed multi-functional holder that works on any electronic tablet devices. It can help user using any tablet or ebook reader devices easily and comfortably without holding it at all time or just lying it flat on the table or on your laps. The unique patented design of iGet's Yin-Yang spherical body can be used to assist plugging in any accessories for the device and its special designed clips can easily attached to most tablet device of differ sizes between 7”-11”. Every component of iGet can be adjusted/assembled freely to support user's needs; especially its flexible, skid-proofed tube legs can support the whole structure with multiple combinations and allow iGet to stand on many surfaces, change in any directions or even be hanged. iGet is also ideal to use on your bed. You will not need to worry about it flip or fall when you try to move your body. iGet is the #1 choice when you want to be hands-free while using tablet and ebook devices.
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Tablet PC & eBook Readr holder

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