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Brand New Micro ATX SFX-S 180 Watt Power Supply for Gateway System repalcement

Product #: GTWY200W
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  • High efficiency
  • Single ball bearing fan design
  • Built-in voltage overload protection
  • Voltage switch for 115/230V AC input
  • Support Intel "Pentium 4" and AMD "Athlon XP"
  • Complies with Intel Micro ATX specification
  • Approved by UL, CB & CE
Type SFX-S (Power Cord socket on the short side of the power supply)
Maximum Power 180W
Fans 1
3.9" x 4.9" x 3.0"
Main Connector

20+4-Pin x1 P4 4 pin x1 Floppy x1 Perpherial x 4

Hold-up Time 16ms minimum with full load 115 VAC/60 HZ
Efficiency > 70%
Over Voltage & Over load Protection Yes
Input Voltage 115V, 230V
Input Frequency Range 50/60Hz
Output +3.3V@14A, +5V@20A, +12V@8A, -12V@0.5A, +5VSB@1.5A
MTBF >100,000 Hours

Cross reference /compatibility

Gateway System:
Gateway BATC /Essential 433c /Essential 500c /Essential 633c /Essential e866 /Essentials 900C /Essentials 933
Essentials 1000C /Essential 1100 /Essentials 1100C /LC 2 /P5-133 /P5-166 /TOL 366c /Hot Wheels Computer
Barbie Computer EBC466P

Gateway spares: 6500192 /6500329 /6500361 /6500401 /6500451 /6500495 /6500505 /6500506 /6500507 /6500510  
6500545 /6500633 /6500527

Power Supply:
Astec ATX90-3405 /ATX93-3405 /ATX145-3515
Bestec ATX-100-6
Delta DPS-145PB-117 A /Delta DPS-145PB-117 B /Delta DPS-145PB-117 D
Enlight EN-8156903
Highpower HPC-150-101
Fortron/Source FSP150-51NI
HIPRO HP-G1507A3C /HP-K1507A3C
Newton NPS-90AB-1 B (Rev 1) /NPS-90-2 A /NPS-145PB-117 A Rev 00 /NPS-145PB-117 A Rev 03
Powertronics WK-6145-DL3

note: we may not list all compatiable models. if your model number is not in the list please compare the diamension  & connectors with your orginal power
supply unit. in most case it will be the correct replacment/ upgrade power supply when both requirements match. if you are still not sure please email us for
more information.

ATX-100-6 /DPS-145PB-117 A /DPS-145PB-117 B /DPS-145PB-117 D /6500192 /6500329 /6500361 /6500401 /6500451 /6500495 /6500505 /6500506 /6500507 /6500510 /6500545 /6500633 /6500527

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