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12V DC / 24V AC 9A Power Distribution

Product #: EB-PD10
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PD10 is a dual voltage power distribution box. Distribution box accepts either 24VAC or 12VDC and distributes it to 10 output screw terminals at 900mA per channel. It has LED indicator and over current protection. It is a safe yet effective 12VDC/24VAC power distribution solution for security cameras and other small devices.

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  • Open the distribution box cover, the circuit board diagram above shows AC24V power input plug (AC24V INPUT), Switch (S1) and DC12V power input plug, and 10 power output plugs (Cam-1 ~ Cam-10) silk-printed with instructions and protection circuit. There are four mounting holes on all four corners.
  • Plug DC power to the 24VAC or 12VDC 2.1/3.5mm power inlet. You can select either 24VAC or 12VDC by switching (S1) switch.
  • There are 10 outputs (Cam-1 ~ Cam-10), 5 on each side. Each output has the regulated maximum amperage 900mA. There are 10 LED indicators which indicate normal operation of each channel. LED will be off when over amperage protection sets in. Please remove the output wire, inspect and correct the problem on that channel before reconnecting the power when the LED is off for the channel.
  • There are 4 precut openings for wire outputs on one each side of the distribution box plus four mounting holes on the panel. Please hook up all the wires before supplying power to the distribution box. Cover the lid to finalize the installation.
1 Year Manufacture Warranty

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