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Brand New 250 Watt Flex ATX FATX Power Supply for SHUTTLE, IBM, ASUS, Achme

Product #: KT-FATX25-SH
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This Brand new 250W FlexATX Kentech power supply. Designed for the 1U Mini-ITX chassis to provide compact flexibility for mini-servers. It is also compatible with many HP Compaq systems. Output connectors includes 24(20+4)pin, P4-12V 4pin, SATA II 15pin, Molex 4pin, and FDD 4pin. Features Active PFC (Power Factor Correction) and remote ON/OFF function for high efficiency and reliability. Also includes internal 40mm ball-bearing fan and thermal fan speed control for maximum heat and noise dissipation.

  Output Power      250 Watt
  Input Voltage      88 -264 Volts Ac
  Frequency      60 / 50 Hz
  Weight      1.5 lbs
  Temperature Range      Operating 0° C ~ +25° C on 250W Output Load or 
                        0° C ~ +50° C on 220W Output Load ; 
     Storage & Shipping -20° C ~ +80° C
  Humidity      5 ~ 90% on Operating, 5 ~ 95% on Storage
  Dielectric Withstand      Primary Frame Ground 1800V AC for 1 Second
  MTBF      100,000 Hours on Maximum Load at +25°C
  Rise time      Less than 20ms
  Hold-up Time      17ms Minimum at Nominal Input Voltage
  Dimensions      ( W x H x D ) 3.2" x 1.7" x 6"
Voltage +5V -5V +12V -12V +3.3V +5V-SB
Current 12A 0.5A 14A 0.8A 12A 2.5A
  Certification      FCC, UR, CB, CE, Rohs, 80 PLUS
  Warranty      3 Year  Manufacture Limited
ATX Connector 
24 (20+4) Pin x 1 PC
4 Pin X 1 PC
15 Pin X 2 PC
4 Pin X 2 PC
4 Pin X 1 PC

This 250 watt power supply is comaptible with Achme AM611BS15S Achme AM618BS15S, AM630BS20S; Asus ATP-165AAP, 04-185002081; ElanVital EVP-1655 PJ, EVN-1355A, EVN-1216 IBM SurePOS 500 4846-545, SurePOS 500 4840-532, SurePOS 300 4810-E3H, SurePOS 500 4840-533, SurePOS 500 4846-E4Z, SurePOS 500 4840-562, SurePOS 500 4846-56Z, 45P6204, SurePOS 300 4810-3H; Merit EC7536-01; Shuttle XPC SK21G, XPC SB51G, XPC SB51GB, XPC SB52G2, XPC SB61G2, XPC SS51G, XPC SS51G1, XPC SS50C, XPC SV24, XPC SV25, XPC FV25, XPC SN45G, XPC SK41G, XPC SN41G2, XPC SN41G2B, XPC SS40G, XPC SK41GPFC, XPC SS56G, XPC SB62G2, XPC SN95G5B, XPC SB65G2, XPC SB75G2, XPC SK43G, XPC ST61G4, XPC SB83G5, XPC SB83G5C, XPC SB77G5, XPC SS58G2, XPC SS51G1(v2.0), PC34N220AC, PS-X160W, SS50, XPC SS56L, XPC SB95P , XPC SD31P, XPC SN25P, XPC SK83, XPC SK83G, XPC ST20G5, PC40, PC50, XPC SN41G, XPC SN85G, WPOS-232, XPC SS59, XPC SS59GV2, XPC SS30G , XPC SB61G, XPC SD30G2, PS-X200W, PC60, XPC SN85G, WPOS-232, XPC SS59, XPC SS59GV2, XPC SS30G, XPC SB61G, XPC SD30G2, PS-X200W

Achme AM611BS15S
Achme AM618BS15S
Achme AM630BS20S
Asus ATP-165AAP
Asus 04-185002081
ElanVital EVP-1655 PJ
(Only one screw hole aligns. Power supply can be mounted with only one screw.)
ElanVital EVN-1355A
ElanVital EVN-1216
IBM SurePOS 500 4846-545
IBM SurePOS 500 4840-532
IBM SurePOS 300 4810-E3H
IBM SurePOS 500 4840-533
IBM SurePOS 500 4846-E4Z
IBM SurePOS 500 4840-562
IBM SurePOS 500 4846-56Z
IBM 45P6204
IBM SurePOS 300 4810-3H
Merit EC7536-01
HP Pavilion S3240JP
Shuttle XPC SK21G
Shuttle XPC SB51G
Shuttle XPC SB51GB
Shuttle XPC SB52G2
Shuttle XPC SB61G2
Shuttle XPC SS51G
Shuttle XPC SS51G1
Shuttle XPC SS50C
Shuttle XPC SV24
Shuttle XPC SV25
Shuttle XPC FV25
Shuttle XPC SN45G
Shuttle XPC SK41G
Shuttle XPC SN41G2
Shuttle XPC SN41G2B
Shuttle XPC SS40G
Shuttle XPC SK41GPFC
Shuttle XPC SS56G
Shuttle XPC SB62G2
Shuttle XPC SN95G5B
Shuttle XPC SB65G2
Shuttle XPC SB75G2
Shuttle XPC SK43G
Shuttle XPC ST61G4
Shuttle XPC SB83G5
Shuttle XPC SB83G5C
Shuttle XPC SB77G5
Shuttle XPC SS58G2
Shuttle XPC SS51G1(v2.0)
Shuttle PC34N220AC
Shuttle PS-X160W
Shuttle SS50
Shuttle XPC SS56L
Shuttle XPC SB95P
Shuttle XPC SD31P
Shuttle XPC SN25P
Shuttle XPC SK83
Shuttle XPC SK83G
Shuttle XPC ST20G5
Shuttle PC40
Shuttle PC50
Shuttle XPC SN41G
Shuttle XPC SN85G
Shuttle WPOS-232
Shuttle XPC SS59
Shuttle XPC SS59GV2
Shuttle XPC SS30G
Shuttle XPC SB61G
Shuttle XPC SD30G2
Shuttle PS-X200W
Shuttle PC60
Shuttle XPC SN85G
Shuttle WPOS-232
Shuttle XPC SS59
Shuttle XPC SS59GV2
Shuttle XPC SS30G
Shuttle XPC SB61G
Shuttle XPC SD30G2
Shuttle PS-X200W

3 Year Manufacture's warranty

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