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Brand New 60 Watt / 65 Watt Replacement AC Adapter for HP Compaq Laptop Series B

Product #: AHQ64B
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Regular price: $64.99
Sale price: $19.99
You Save: $45.00 (69%)
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Type AC Adapter
Connector Type

Efficiency > 70%
110-240V 50/60Hz
(Auto-Detect International Compatible)
Output 18.5V DC, up to 3.5A


* Overload protection
* Short circuit protection
* Over temperature protection
* Saving Power
* LED power-on indicator
* 100% HI-POT testd
* 100% cycling BURN-IN

Product includes
New; AC Adapter with power cord included
One(1) Year

Cross reference /compatibility

Compatible Part numbers:
239427-001/ 239427-003/ 101898-001/ 101880-001/ 146594-001/ 159224-001/ 163444-001/ 179725-003/ A265/ AC-C14/ 285288-001/
285546-001/ LPACQ3/ PA-1651-02C/ PP1006/ PPP002D/ PPP009L/ PPP009H/ P-0K065B13/ 239704-001/ 239705-001/
265602-001387661-001/ 209126-001/ 209124-001/ 120765-001/ 371790-001/ 338136-001/ 386315-002/ 239704-001/ HP-OK065B13

HP Pavilion DV1000 Series:
DV1000/ DV1000 (CTO)/ DV1001/ DV1001AP/ DV1001XX/ DV1002/ DV1002AP/ DV1002eAP/ DV1003AP/ DV1003eAP/ DV1004AP/ DV1004eAP/ DV1005AP/DV1005EA/ DV1005eAP/ DV1006AP/ DV1006EA/ DV1006eAP/ DV1007AP/ DV1007EA/ DV1007eAP/ DV1008AP/ DV1008eAP/ DV1009AP/ DV1009eAP/DV1009XX/ DV1010AP/ DV1010CA/ DV1010eAP/ DV1010US/ DV1011AP/ DV1011EA/ DV1012AP/ DV1012LA/ DV1013AP/ DV1014AP/ DV1014LA/
DV1015AP/ DV1015LA/ DV1016AP/ DV1017AP/ DV1018AP/ DV1019AP/ DV1019EA/ DV1020AP/ DV1021AP/ DV1022AP/ DV1023AP/ DV1024AP/
DV1024LA/ DV1025AP/ DV1025LA/ DV1026AP/ DV1027AP/ DV1028AP/ DV1029AP/ DV1030AP/ DV1030EA/ DV1031AP/ DV1032AP/ DV1033AP/
DV1034AP/ DV1035AP/ DV1036AP/ DV1037AP/ DV1040CA/ DV1040US/ DV1042QV/ DV1044LA/ DV1045CL/ DV1045EA/ DV1045LA/ DV1049CL/
DV1049EA/ DV1050/ DV1050EA/ DV1055EA/ DV1057EA/ DV1060US/ DV1061EA/ DV1063EA/ DV1064EA/ DV1065EA/ DV1065US/ DV1066EA/ DV1067EA/
DV1068EA/ DV1071EA/ DV1074EA/ DV1075EA

HP Pavilion DV1300 Series: DV1300/ DV1301AP/ DV1301XX/ DV1302AP/ DV1302XX/ DV1303AP/ DV1304AP/ DV1305AP/ DV1306AP/ DV1307AP/ DV1308AP/ DV1309AP/ DV1310AP/DV1310US/ DV1311AP/ DV1311SE/ DV1312AP/ DV1313AP/ DV1314AP/ DV1315AP/ DV1315CL/ DV1315LA/ DV1316AP/ DV1317AP/ DV1317LA/ DV1318AP/ DV1319AP/ DV1320AP/ DV1321AP/ DV1321US/ DV1322AP/ DV1323AP/ DV1324AP/ DV1325AP/ DV1325EA/ DV1325LA/ DV1326AP/
DV1326EA/ DV1327AP/ DV1328AP/ DV1329AP/ DV1330AP/ DV1330BR/ DV1330CA/ DV1331AP/ DV1331EA/ DV1331SE/ DV1332AP/ DV1332EA/
DV1333AP/ DV1333EA/ DV1334AP/ DV1335AP/ DV1335LA/ DV1336AP/ DV1337AP/ DV1338AP/ DV1340AP/ DV1340BR/ DV1340US/ DV1341AP/
DV1342AP/ DV1343AP/ DV1344AP/ DV1345AP/ DV1345EA/ DV1346AP/ DV1347AP/ DV1348AP/ DV1349AP/ DV1350AP/ DV1351AP/ DV1351EA/
DV1352AP/ DV1352EA/ DV1353AP/ DV1353EA/ DV1354EA/ DV1355EA/ DV1356AP/ DV1356EA/ DV1358EA/ DV1359EA/ DV1361EA/ DV1363AP/
DV1363EA/ DV1365EA/ DV1366EA/ DV1399XX

HP Pavilion DV1400 Series: DV1410US/ DV1411SE/ DV1418EA/ DV1420US/ DV1427US/ DV1430US/ DV1432US/ DV1440US/ DV1448EA

HP Pavilion DV1500 Series:DV1500/ DV1510/ DV1510US/ DV1510CA/ DV1515/ DV1515CL/ DV1519/ DV1519US/ DV1520/ DV1520US/ DV1520CA/ DV1530/ 1530US/ DV1530CA/ DV1532/ DV1532US/ DV1540/ DV1540US/ DV1540CA/ DV1550/ DV1550SE/ DV1580/ DV1580SE

HP Pavilion DV1600 Series: DV1600/ DV1610/ DV1610US/ DV1650/ DV1650US/ DV1670/ DV1670US

HP Pavilion DV4000 series: DV4000 (CTO)/ DV4000LA/ DV4000XX/ DV4001AP/ DV4001EA/ DV4001XX/ DV4002AP/ DV4003AP/ DV4004AP/ DV4004XX/ DV4005AP/ DV4005US/ DV4005XX/ DV4006AP/ DV4006XX/ DV4007AP/ DV4007XX/ DV4008AP/ DV4009AP/ DV4010AP/ DV4011AP/ DV4012AP/ DV4013AP/ DV4014AP/
DV4014EA/ DV4015AP/ DV4015CL/ DV4015EA/ DV4016AP/ DV4016EA/ DV4017AP/ DV4017EA/ DV4018AP/ DV4018CL/ DV4018EA/ DV4019AP/
DV4019EA/ DV4020AP/ DV4020EA/ DV4020US/ DV4021AP/ DV4021EA/ DV4022AP/ DV4022EA/ DV4023AP/ DV4023EA/ DV4024AP/ DV4024EA/
DV4025AP/ DV4025EA/ DV4026AP/ DV4027EA/ DV4029EA/ DV4030CA/ DV4030EA/ DV4030US/ DV4031EA/ DV4040CA/ DV4040EA/ DV4040US/
DV4043EA/ DV4045EA/ DV4046EA/ DV4049EA/ DV4050EA/ DV4051EA/ DV4052EA/ DV4054EA/ DV4056EA/ DV4057EA/ DV4060EA/ DV4070EA/
DV4073EA/ DV4075EA/ DV4078EA/ DV4080EA/ DV4085EA/ DV4086EA

HP Pavilion DV4100 series: DV4100/ DV4101AP/ DV4102AP/ DV4103AP/ DV4103EA/ DV4104AP/ DV4105AP/ DV4106AP/ DV4107AP/ DV4108AP/ DV4108EA/ DV4109AP/ DV4109EA/DV4110AP/ DV4110EA/ DV4111AP/ DV4112AP/ DV4113AP/ DV4113EA/ DV4114AP/ DV4115AP/ DV4115EA/ DV4116AP/ DV4117AP/ DV4118AP/DV4120US/ DV4121AP/ DV4122AP/ DV4122EA/ DV4123AP/ DV4124AP/ DV4124EA/ DV4125AP/ DV4125EA/ DV4125US/ DV4126AP/ DV4126EA/
DV4127AP/ DV4128AP/ DV4128EA/ DV4129US/ DV4130EA/ DV4130US/ DV4131EA/ DV4134EA/ DV4135/ DV4135EA/ DV4136EA/ DV4137EA/ DV4138EA/
DV4140EA/ DV4143EA/ DV4142EA/ DV4145EA/ DV4146EA/ DV4149EA/ DV4150CA/ DV4150US/ DV4151EA/ DV4152EA/ DV4153EA/ DV4154EA/
DV4155CL/ DV4155EA/ DV4156EA/ DV4158EA/ DV4159EA/ DV4160EA/ DV4161EA/ DV4162EA/ DV4163EA/ DV4164EA/ DV4165CL/ DV4165EA/
DV4170CA/ DV4170US/ DV4176EA/ DV4178EA/ DV4182EA/ DV4199EA

HP Pavilion DV4200 series: DV4200/ DV4203EA/ DV4205TU/ DV4205TX/ DV4206TX/ DV4208TX/ DV4209TX/ DV4210TX/ DV4211TX/ DV4212TX/ DV4213AP/ DV4213EA/ DV4215AP/
DV4220TX/ DV4224TX/ DV4225EA/ DV4225NR/ DV4225TX/ DV4230US/ DV4234EA/ DV4246EA/ DV4250US/ DV4269US/ DV4257US/ DV4270US/
DV4272US/ DV4273EA/ DV4275NR/ DV4288EA/ DV4290EA/ DV4295EA

HP Pavilion DV4300 series:DV4300/ DV4305/ DV4305US/ DV4307/ DV4307CA/ DV4307CL/ DV4308/ DV4308WM/ DV4310/ DV4310US/ DV4320/ DV4320US/ DV4330/ DV4330US/ DV4330CA/ DV4340/ DV4340US/ DV4340CA

HP Pavilion DV4400 series: DV4400/ DV4401/ DV4420

HP Pavilion DV5000 series: DV5000/ DV5001/ DV5003/ DV5003CL/ DV5010/ DV5017/ DV5017CL/ DV5020/ DV5020US/ DV5020CA/ DV5029/ DV5029US/ DV5030/ DV5030US/ DV5040/ DV5040US/ DV5100/ DV5100CTO/ DV5110/ DV5110US/ DV5120/ DV5120US/ DV5123/ DV5123CL

HP Pavilion DV8000 series: DV8000Z/ DV8002EA/ DV8005EA/ DV8013CL/ DV8025EA/ DV8026EA/ DV8027EA/ DV8028EA/ DV8029EA/ DV8030EA/ DV8035EA/ DV8040CA/ DV8040US/ DV8050EA/ DV8051EA

HP Pavilion ZE2000 series: ze2000/ ze2000t/ ze2000z/ ze2001/ ze2001ap/ ze2001ea/ ze2001XX/ ze2002AP/ ze2002EA/ ze2003AP/ ze2004ap/ ze2004us/ ze2005ap/ ze2005EA/ ze2005US/ ze2006ap/ ze2007ap/ ze2007EA/ ze2008ap/ ze2008WM/ ze2009ap/ ze2010ap/ ze2010br/ ze2010EA/ ze2011ap/ ze2012ap/ ze2013ap/ ze2014AP/ ze2015EA/ ze2015US/ ze2016AP/ ze2017AP/ ze2018AP/ ze2019AP/ ze2020AP/ ze2020br/ ze2020CA/ ze2020EA/ ze2021EA/ ze2022EA/ ze2023EA/ ze2024EA/ ze2025EA/ ze2026EA/ ze2027EA/ ze2028EA/ ze2030br/ ze2039EA/ ze2040br/ ze2040EA/ ze2044ea/ ze2045ea/ ze2050EA/ ze2055EA/ ze2058EA/ ze2060EA/ ze2062ea/ ze2064EA/ ze2065EA/ ze2068EA/ ze2070ea/ ze2090EA/ ze2091EA/ ze2099XX/ ze2100/ ze2200

HP Pavilion ZE4900 series: ZE4900/ ZE4901/ ZE4901us/ ZE4902/ ZE4903/ ZE4904/ ZE4905/ ZE4906/ ZE4907/ ZE4908/ ZE4910/ ZE4910us/ ZE4911/ ZE4913/ ZE4915/ ZE4916/ ZE4917/ ZE4918/ ZE4919/ ZE4920/ ZE4922/ ZE4923/ ZE4925/ ZE4926/ ZE4928/ ZE4929/ ZE4930/ ZE4935/ ZE4940/ ZE4950/ ZE4951/ ZE4960/ ZE4980

HP Pavilion ZT3000 series: zt3000/ zt3001US/ zt3007LA/ zt3010AP/ zt3010EA/ zt3010US/ zt3011AP/ zt3012AP/ zt3012EA/ zt3013AP/ zt3014AP/ zt3015AP/ zt3015EA/ zt3016AP/ zt3017AP/zt3017EA/ zt3017LA/ zt3017WM/ zt3018AP/ zt3019AP/ zt3019EA/ zt3020AP/ zt3020EA/ zt3020US/ zt3021AP/ zt3022AP/ zt3022EA/ zt3023AP/ zt3024AP/zt3024EA/ zt3025AP/ zt3026AP/ zt3027AP/ zt3028AP/ zt3029AP/ zt3030AP/ zt3030EA/ zt3031AP/ zt3032AP/ zt3033AP/ zt3034AP/ zt3035AP/ zt3036AP/ zt3037AP/zt3038AP/ zt3039AP/ zt3040AP/ zt3041AP/ zt3044AP/ zt3045AP/ zt3046AP/ zt3047AP/ zt3048AP/ zt3049AP/ zt3050AP/ zt3050EA/ zt3051AP/ zt3057LA/ zt3068CL/zt3101EA/ zt3101US/ zt3105EA/ zt3106EA/ zt3110EA/ zt3111EA/ zt3113EA/ zt3114EA/ zt3115EA/ zt3116EA/ zt3120EA/ zt3130EA/ zt3131EA/ zt3140US/
zt3170US/ zt3201us/ zt3206AP/ zt3207AP/ zt3208AP/ zt3209AP/ zt3210AP/ zt3210EA/ zt3211AP/ zt3212AP/ zt3213AP/ zt3215AP/ zt3215EA/ zt3216AP/ zt3217AP/
zt3218AP/ zt3239EA/ zt3240EA/ zt3241EA/ zt3250us/ zt3280us/ zt3000 (CTO)/ zt3042ap/ zt3043ap

HP Pavilion ZT3100 series: zt3101EA/ zt3101US/ zt3105EA/ zt3106EA/ zt3110EA/ zt3111EA/ zt3113EA/ zt3114EA/ zt3115EA/ zt3116EA/ zt3120EA/ zt3130EA/ zt3131EA/ zt3140US/ zt3170US

HP Pavilion ZT3200 series: zt3201us/ zt3206AP/ zt3207AP/ zt3208AP/ zt3209AP/ zt3210AP/ zt3210EA/ zt3211AP/ zt3212AP/ zt3213AP/ zt3215AP/ zt3215EA/ zt3216AP/ zt3217AP/ zt3218AP/ zt3239EA/ zt3240EA/ zt3241EA/ zt3250us/ zt3280us/ zt3200/ zt3201ap/ zt3202ap/ zt3203ap/ zt3204ap/ zt3205ap/ zt3211ea/ zt3212ea/ zt3214ap/ zt3214ea/ zt3219ap/ zt3220ap/ zt3220ea/ zt3221ap/ zt3222ap/ zt3223ap/ zt3224ap/ zt3225ap/ zt3228ap/ zt3229ap/ zt3230ap/ zt3231ap/ zt3232ap/ zt3232ea/ zt3235ap/ zt3236ap/ zt3237ap/ zt3240/ zt3242ea/ zt3260ea/ zt3280uspad

HP Pavilion ZT3300 series: zt3300/ zt3301AP/ zt3302ap/ zt3302us/ zt3303ap/ zt3304ap/ zt3305AP/ zt3306ap/ zt3307ap/ zt3308ap/ zt3309ap/ zt3310ap/ zt3310ea/ zt3311ap/ zt3312ap/ zt3312ea/ zt3313ap/ zt3314ap/ zt3314ea/ zt3315ea/ zt3315ap/ zt3316ap/ zt3316ea/ zt3317ap/ zt3318ap/ zt3319ap/ zt3320ap/ zt3320ea/ zt3321ap/ zt3322ap/ zt3323ap/ zt3324AP/ zt3325ap/ zt3326ap/ zt3327ap/ zt3328ap/ zt3329ap/ zt3329ea/ zt3330ap/ zt3330ea/ zt3331ap/ zt3332ap/ zt3333ap/ zt3334ap/ zt3335ap/ zt3336ap/ zt3337ap/ zt3338ap/ zt3339ap/ zt3340ap/ zt3340ea/ zt3340us/ zt3341ap/ zt3342ap/ zt3343ap/ zt3344ap/ zt3345ap/ zt3346ap/ zt3347ap/ zt3348ap/ zt3349ap/ zt3349cl/ zt3350ap/ zt3350ea/ zt3350us/ zt3351ap/ zt3351ea/ zt3352ap/ zt3353ap/ zt3354ap/ zt3355ap/ zt3355us/ zt3356ap/ zt3357ap/ zt3358ap/ zt3359ap/ zt3360ap/ zt3368ea/ zt3370ea/ zt3377la/ zt3379LA/ zt3380/ zt3380la/ zt3380us/ zt3380XX

HP/COMPAQ HP Pavilion ZT3400 series: zt3400/ zt3418ea/ zt3420ea/ zt3440ea/ zt3447ea/ zt3449ea/ zt3450EA/ zt3451ea/ zt3459ea/ zt3460ea/ zt3461ea/ zt3462EA/ zt3463EA/ zt3464ea/ zt3465ea

HP/COMPAQ Business Notebook nC Series: nc4000/ nc4010/ nc4200/ nc6000/ nc6110/ nc6115/ nc6120/ nc6130/ nc6200/ nc6230/ nc8000

HP/COMPAQ Business Notebook nW Series: nw8000

HP/COMPAQ Business Notebook nX Series: NX4800/ NX5000/ NX5040/ NX5100/ NX6100/ NX6105/ NX6110/ NX6115/ NX6120/ NX6125/ NX7000/ NX7010/ NX7040/ NX7100/ NX7200/ NX9020/ NX9030/ NX9040/ NX9050 (NOT FOR N900X/ NX9110)

Tablet PC Series: TC1000/ TC1100/ TC4200

COMPAQ Armada e Series: E300/ E500/ E500S/ E700

COMPAQ Armada M Series: M300/ M500/ M700

COMPAQ Armada V Series: V300

COMPAQ Evo N100 Series: N110/ N150/ N180/ N115/ N160

COMPAQ Evo N200 Series: N200

COMPAQ Evo N400 Series: N400c/ N410c

COMPAQ Evo N600 Series: N600/ N600c/ N610/ N610c/ N610v/ N620c

COMPAQ Evo N800 Series: N800c/ N800v/ N800w

COMPAQ Evo N1000 Series: N1000/ N1000c/ N1000v/ N1005V/ N1015v/ N1020/ N1020v/ N1010v/ N1050/ N1050v

COMPAQ Presario 2800 Series: 2800 2800/ 2800CA/ 2800T/ 2800US/ 2801/ 2801CL/ 2805/ 2805US/ 2806/ 2806CL/ 2810/ 2810CA/ 2810EA/ 2811/ 2811CA/ 2811CL/ 2811EA/ 2815/ 2815EA/ 2816/ 2816EA/ 2878/ 2878CL/ 2879/ 2879CL/ 2880/ 2880CL/ 2881/ 2881CL

COMPAQ Presario b3800 Series: B3800/ B3801AP/ B3802AP/ B3803AP/ B3805AP/ B3806AP/ B3807AP/ B3808AP/ B3809AP/ B3810AP/ B3811AP/ B3812AP/ B3813AP/ B3814AP/ B3815AP/ B3816AP/ B3817AP/ B3818AP/ B3819AP/ B3820AP/ B3821AP/ B3827AP

COMPAQ Presario m2000 Series: M2000/ M2000Z/ M2001AP/ M2001EA/ M2002AL/ M2002AP/ M2003AP/ M2004AP/ M2005AP/ M2005US/ M2006AP/ M2007AP/ M2007US/ M2008AP/ M2009AP/ M2010AP/ M2010CA/ M2010EA/ M2010US/ M2011AP/ M2011EA/ M2012AP/ M2013AP/ M2014AP/ M2015AP/ M2015LA/ M2016AP/ M2017AP/ M2018AP/ M2019AP/ M2019EA/ M2020AP/ M2020EA/ M2021AP/ M2022AP/ M2023AP/ M2024AP/ M2025AP/ M2026AP/ M2027AP/ M2029AP/ M2030EA/
M2031AP/ M2031EA/ M2033AP/ M2034EA/ M2043AP/ M2045AP/ M2046EA/ M2050EA/ M2052EA/ M2054EA/ M2055EA/ M2065EA/ M2070EA/ M2071EA/
M2075EA/ M2105CA/ M2105EA/ M2105US/ M2108EA/ M2108US/ M2113EA/ M2125EA/ M2130EA/ M2131EA/ M2140EA/ M2155EA/ M2175EA/ M2201AP/
M2201EA/ M2202AP/ M2203AP/ M2205EA/ M2207AP/ M2207EA/ M2208EA/ M2211AP/ M2212AP/ M2213AP/ M2215AP/ M2215LA/ M2216AP/ M2217AP/
M2218AP/ M2219AP/ M2220AP/ M2221AP/ M2222AP/ M2223AP/ M2224AP/ M2225AP/ M2228AP/ M2229AP/ M2230AP/ M2232AP/ M2233AP/ M2235AP/
M2241AP/ M2243AP/ M2245AP/ M2245EA/ M2246EA/ M2247AP/ M2248EA/ M2255EA/ M2316EA/ M2357EA/ M2400/ M2500

COMPAQ Presario v2000 Series: V2000/ V2000Z/ V2001/ V2001AP/ V2002/ V2002AP/ V2003AP/ V2004AP/ V2006AP/ V2008AP/ V2009AP/ V2009EA/ V2010AP/ V2010EA/ V2010LA/ V2010US/ V2011AP/ V2016AP/ V2017AP/ V2018AP/ V2019AP/ V2020AP/ V2021AP/ V2022AP/ V2023AP/ V2024AP/ V2025AP/ V2026AP/ V2027AP/ V2028AP/ V2029AP/ V2030AP/ V2030US/ V2031AP/ V2032AP/ V2033AP/ V2034AP/ V2035AP/ V2035EA/ V2036AP/ V2038AP/ V2039AP/ V2040AP/ V2040EA/ V2042AP/ V2047AP/ V2069CL/ V2100 (CTO)/ V2102AP/ V2104/ V2104AP/ V2106AP/ V2110CA/ V2110US/ V2113AP/ V2116AP/ V2119AP/ V2120AP/ V2120EA/ V2132AP/ V2133AP/ V2134AP/ V2135AP/ V2135US/ V2136AP/ V2140CA/ V2140US/ V2147AP/ V2148AP/ V2149AP/ V2150AP/ V2150US/ V2151AP/ V2152AP/ V2153AP/ V2154AP/ V2157AP/ V2205US/ V2210CA/ V2210US/ V2220US/ V2250EA/ V2305CA/ V2306AP/ V2306US/ V2308AP/ V2309US/ V2310AP/ V2310US/ V2311AP/ V2311US/ V2312AP/ V2312US/ V2313AP/ V2314AP/ V2316AP/ V2317AP/ V2318AP/ V2320AP/ V2321US/ V2324TU/ V2325AP/ V2331AP/ V2331US/ V2335US/ V2340AP/ V2341AP/ V2344AP/ V2349AP/ V2356AP/ V2374AP/ V2402US/ V2403NR/ V2404US/ V2405US/ V2409US/ V2410US/ V2413US/
V2414NR/ V2415LA/ V2417LA/ V2419US/ V2424NR/ V2500/ V2500US/ V2600

COMPAQ Presario v4000 Series: V4000/ V4000T/ V4001AP/ V4002AP/ V4003AP/ V4004AP/ V4005CL/ V4015US/ V4020US/ V4025US/ V4035CA/ V4035EA/ V4035US/ V4040EA/ V4050EA/ V4055EA/ V4058EA/ V4060EA/ V4075EA/ V4101AP/ V4103AP/ V4104AP/ V4110EA/ V4118AP/ V4130EA/ V4133EA/ V4135US/ V4144EA/ V4145EA/ V4147EA/ V4203TU/ V4204TU/ V4205TU/ V4206TU/ V4207TU/ V4209TU/ V4214TU/ V4215EA/ V4221TU/ V4240US/ V4260EA/ V4278EA/ V4100/ V4200/ V4300/ V4400

COMPAQ Presario x1000 Series: x1000/ X1002US/ X1005EA/ X1005LA/ X1006EA/ X1007EA/ X1010CA/ X1010EA/ X1015US/ X1016EA/ X1018CL/ X1020CA/ X1030US/ X1031/ X1032/ X1037AP/ X1038AP/ X140US/ X1041AP/ X1042AP/ X1043AP/ X1044AP/ X1045AP/ X1046AP/ X1048AP/ X1049AP/ X1050CA/ X1057AP/ X1058AP/ X1060AP/ X1000 (CTO)/ X1001US/ X1007SE/ X1010AL/ X1010US/ X1011AL/ X1012/ X1012AL/ X1012EA/ X1012QV/ X1012US/ X1020EA/ X1020US/ X1021AP/
X1022AP/ X1023AP/ X1026AP/ X1027AP/ X1028AP/ X1028CL/ X1029AP/ X1030AP/ X1031AP/ X1032AP/ X1033AP/ X1034AP/ X1035AP/ X1036AP/ X1040AP/
X1040US/ X1050US/ X1050AP/ X1051AP/ X1052AP/ X1053AP/ X1054AP/ X1055AP/ X1056AP/ X1058CL/ X1061AP/ X1062AP/ X1063AP/ X1064AP/ X1065AP/
X1066AP/ X1067AP/ X1068AP/ X1069AP/ X1070AP/ X1071AP/ X1072AP/ X1073AP/ X1074AP/ X1075AP/ X1076AP/ X1077AP/ X1078AP/ X1079AP/ X1080AP/
X1081AP/ X1082AP/ X1083AP/ X1084AP/ X1085AP/ X1086AP/ X1087AP/ X1088AP/ X1089AP/ X1090AP/ X1091AP/ X1092AP/ X1093AP/ X1094AP/ X1095AP/
X1096AP/ X1097AP/ X1098AP/ X1099AP

COMPAQ Presario X1200 Series: X1201AP/ X1201US/ X1202AP/ X1203AP/ X1204AP/ X1205AP/ X1206AP/ X1207AP/ X1208AP/ X1209AP/ X1210AP/ X1210CA/ X1210US/ X1211AP/ X1212AP/ X1213AP/ X1214AP/ X1215AP/ X1216AP/ X1217AP/ X1218AP/ X1219AP/ X1220AP/ X1220EA/ X1220US/ X1221AP/ X1222AP/ X1223AP/ X1224AP/ X1225AP/ X1227AP/ X1228AP/ X1229AP/ X1230AP/ X1230US/ X1232AP/ X1233AP/ X1234AP/ X1236AP/ X1237AP/ X1238AP/ X1239AP/ X1240AP/ X1241AP

COMPAQ Presario X1300 Series: X1301AP/ X1301US/ X1302AP/ X1303AP/ X1304AP/ X1305AP/ X1306AP/ X1307AP/ X1308AP/ X1309AP/ X1310AP/ X1311AP/ X1312AP/ X1313AP/ X1316AP/ X1317AP/ X1318AP/ X1319AP/ X1320AP/ X1321AP/ X1322AP/ X1324AP/ X1325AP/ X1326AP/ X1327AP/ X1328AP/ X1329AP/ X1330AP/ X1360CA/ X1360CL/ X1360US/ X1370US/ X1390/ X1390US/ X1397

COMPAQ Prosignia 170 Series: 170/ 190

Note: not all compatiable model# is listed. Please check the Power Rating on your current AC adapter to have 18.5V output voltage and current rating of equal or lower than 6.5A.  Additionally/ the jack dimensions must match with this model's specification to ensure that this adapter will work for you. This is a third party 100% compatible adapter. (this adapter has the same spec as most of the HP Compaq adapter out in the market)

FREE SHIPPING! Click here to see more compatible models. 239427-001/ 239427-003/ 101898-001/ 101880-001/ 146594-001/ 159224-001/ 163444-001/ 179725-003/ A265/ AC-C14/ 285288-001/ 285546-001/ LPACQ3/ PA-1651-02C/ PP1006/ PPP002D/ PPP009L/ PPP009H/ P-0K065B13/ 239704-001/ 239705-001...

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