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Brand New 45 Watt Replacement AC Adapter for Toshiba Laptop Series

Product #: ATO45A
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Type AC Adapter
Connector Type
Efficiency > 70%
110-240V 50/60Hz
(Auto-Detect International Compatible)
Output 19V DC, 2.4A


* Overload protection
* Short circuit protection
* Over temperature protection
* Saving Power
* LED power-on indicator
* 100% HI-POT testd
* 100% cycling BURN-IN

Product includes
New; AC Adapter with power cord included
One(1) Year

Cross reference /compatibility

Replacement part number:
PA3032U-1ACA / PA3097U-1ACA /PA3032E-1ACA/ PA3097E-1ACA

Replacement Models:

TOSHIBA Satellite 1000 Series 1005 Series 1100 Series 1200 Series 1600 Series 1605 Series 1625 Series 1675 Series 1695 Series 1700 Series 1715 Series 1730 Series 1735 Series 1750 Series 1755 Series 3000 Series 3005 Series 1200-S252 Satellite 1700 series Satellite 1905-S301 Satellite 1955-S801 Satellite 2430 series Satellite 2435 series Satellite 3000 Series
DynaBook SS 425 DynaBook SS425 Satellite 1000 Satellite 1000-S157 Satellite 1000-S158 - Satellite 1000-Z2 - Satellite 1005 - Satellite 1005-S157 Satellite 1005-S158 Satellite 1200 series Satellite 1200-S121 Satellite 1200-S122 Satellite 1200-S252 Satellite 1600 Series Satellite 1605 Satellite 1605CDS Satellite 1620CDS Satellite 1625CDT Satellite 1640CDT Satellite 1670CDS Satellite 1675 Satellite 1675CDS Satellite 1690CDT Satellite 1695 Satellite 1695CDT Satellite 1700 Satellite 1700 Series Satellite 1715XCDS Satellite 1730 Satellite 1730CDT Satellite 1735 Satellite 1735XCDS Satellite 1750 Satellite 1755 Satellite 1755CDT Satellite 1755CE Satellite 1755DVD Satellite 3000 Satellite 3000 Series Satellite 3000-S304 Satellite 3000-S353 Satellite 3000-S514 Satellite 3005-S303 Satellite 3005-S304 Satellite 3005-S307 Satellite 3005-S403 Satellite 3005-S504

Note: not all compatiable model# is listed. Please check the Power Rating on your current AC adapter to have the output voltage indicated and current rating of equal or lower than the ampage indicated.  Additionally/ the jack dimensions must match with this model's specification to ensure that this adapter will work for you. This is a third party 100% compatible adapter.

FREE SHIPPING! Click here to see more compatible models. Satellite 1000, 1600, 3000, 1200, 1700 Series and more...

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