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Brand New 300 Watt Micro ATX PS3 Power Supply for HP / Compaq System repalcement ATX-1956D/ ATX-1956F

Product #: PS3300-30A
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  • High efficiency
  • Alumnium casing for better cooling
  • Low Ripple & Noise
  • Output over voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection on all outputs
  • PCI Express 6 Pin Ready                       
  • Reset table power shut down
  • Approved by UL, CB & CE

Type Micro ATX / PS3
Maximum Power True 300W
Fans 1
Dimension 100(l) x 150(w) x 86(h) mm  or 3.9"(l) x 5.9"(w) x 3.4"(h)
Main Connector

(P9- 3 pin replaced by AFC*)
20-pin/ 24-pin Switchable x1 P4 4 pin x1 HP video 4 pin x1 Floppy 4 pin x1 SATA pin x2 Prepherial 4 pin x4 PCI 6 pin x1
AUX 6  pin x1
(P9- 3 pin replaced by AFC*)
*AFC, automatic fan speed control, an advance technology, will control the fan speed from the power supply automatically by sensing the system temperature. It replaces the traditional 3 pin fan speed connector function. you do not need a 3 pin connector to operate this power supply.
*Above are all the connectors  included in this power supply. your system may not need them all. it is fine to leave unused connectors unplugged.
Hold-up Time 16ms minimum with full load 115 VAC/60 HZ
Efficiency > 70%
Over Voltage Protection +5V: 7V Max., +3.3V: 4.5V Max., +12V: 15.6V Max.
Input Voltage 100-120 vac / 200-240 vac
Input Frequency Range 50 / 60hz
Output +3.3V@22A, +5V@25A, +12V@15A, -5V@0.3A, -12V@0.8A, +5VSB@2.5A
MTBF >100,000 Hours (11 years & 2 months)
* Excludes the life of the fan
Approvals CE, UL, CB,FCC, TUV & UR
*AFC, automatic fan speed control, an advance technology, will control the fan speed from the power supply automatically by sensing the system temperature. It replaces the traditional 3 pin fan speed connector function. you do not need a 3 pin connector to operate this power supply.
0950-2800/ 0950-3426/ 0950-3623/ 0950-3751/ 0950-3961/ 0950-4106/ 0950-4107/ 0950-4097/ 0950-4270/ 5184-3961/ ATX-1951D/ ATX-1956D/ ATX-1956F/ DPS-110MB-1/ DPS-145PB-112/ DPS-160GB B/ DPS-180KB/ DPS-200PB/ HP-150CLFA6/ HP-A2027f3/ HP-A1507F3/ PS-5101-2/ PS-5151-6/ PS-5151-2H3/ PS-6151-6C2/ PS-6161-2H/ PS-6161-2H1/ PS-6251-01
Cross reference /compatibility

Great upgrade / replacement for
hp part # 0950-2800, 0950-3426, 0950-3623, 0950-3751, 0950-3961, 0950-4106, 0950-4107, 0950-4097, 0950-4270, 5184-3961
bestec atx-1951d, bestec atx-1956d, bestec atx-1956f, delta dps-110mb-1, delta dps-145pb-112, delta dps-160gb b, delta dps-180kb, delta dps-200pb, hipro hp-150clfa6, hipro hp-a2027f3, hipro hp-a1507f3, liteon ps-5101-2, liteon ps-5151-6, liteon ps-5151-2h3, liteon ps-6151-6c2, liteon ps-6161-2h, liteon ps-6161-2h1, liteon ps-6251-01 are common hp oem parts. and more!

System upgrade /replacement:

Hewlett-Packard (HP) system:
pavilion 4402 /4402h /4403 /4404 /4404h /4405 /4407 /4407h /4409 /4409h /4410 /4410h /4411 /4411h /4413 /4413h /4415 /4416
      4420 /  4416h /4422 /4422h /4430 /4433 /4433 /4435 /4440 /4443 /4445 /4450 /4453 /4456 /4458 /4460 /4463
      4473 /4483 /4509 /4510 /4512 /4515 /4530 /4533 /4535 /4536 /4550z /4553z /4563z /304w /510d /510k4
      510t /544n /6508 /6511 /6615 /6532 /6553 /6563z /6573z /6623 /6633c /6640c /6643 /6646c
      6648c /6653c /6657 /68xx /6913 /7842 /7851 /7852 /7857 /7859 /7861 /7862 /7864 /7875 /78xx shell
      7900 cto /7905 /7920 /7931 /7932 /7939 /7940 /7941 /7947 /7953 /7957 /8656c /8770c /xt860 /xt865 /xt878 /xt936
      9800 cto /xe730 /xe743 /xe839

Compaq computer system:
presario 6288ap /6300us /6301rsh /6310us /6320us /6324se /6325cl /6326se /6330us /6331rsh /6333om /6350us
       6351rsh /6370us /6400nx /6401rsh /6404us /6410nx /6412us /6415cl /6420nx /6421us /6422se /6430nx
       6433us /6435cl /6450nx /6454nx /6470nx /6473sa /6475cl /6485cl /p8654a /p8654q /p8654b /p8654c
      p8654d /p8654p /p8655g /p8655h /p8654e /p8654f /p8654g /p8654h

Power supply upgrade /replacement:

astec sa147-3505 145w (sa1473505)
astec aa20360 (check power connector layout on back of case first)

bestec ats-100 (ats100)
bestec ats-150 (ats150)
bestec atx-1956d b1 (0950-4106, 200w) - (atx1956d)
bestec atx-1956d b2 (0950-4106, 200w) - (atx1956d)
bestec atx-1956f (0950-4107, 200w w/pfc) - (atx1956f)

replacement power supply for compaq; model(s): 254475-001
compaq; model(s): 173609-001 (145w atx)
compaq; model(s): 174871-001
compaq; model(s): 332829-001
compaq; model(s): 201828-001 (200w atx)

delta dps-110-110mb-1 & jedi-lc and yoda dps-110mb-1 a (110w - centerd ac plug)
delta dps-145pb-112 (dps145pb)
delta dps-160gb b rev 01 - (chewbaka plus dlt160gb1 01,dps160gb,5184-3961 )
delta dps-200pb-74 b(ridgeview iii, 145w - 0950-2700)
delta dps-200pb-74 b rev:02 (150w)
delta  dps-200pb-89 d (atx 145w no 4p)
delta dps-200pb-103 e
delta dps-200pb-142 series
delta dps-110-1 a
delta dps-110-110 mb-1
delta dps-145pb-112
delta dps-180kb series
delta dps-200pb-112 series

enhance sfx-2015
enhance sfx-2020

enlight en-8156901 (150w with extra 6 pin enlight case connector)
enlight ats150 (150w with extra 6 pin enlight case connector)

spi fsp180-60spv
micro atx-180bkv
micro atx-182hp
micro atx-v182hp

Hewlett Packard (HP) spare PNS:
hp 0950-2700 (145w)
hp 0950-2800
hp 0950-3426
hp 0950-3623 (160wp3)
hp 0950-3751 (185w chewbaka plus)
hp 5183-6914 power supply
hp 5184-3961 (185w chewbaka plus
hp 0950-4270 (150wps3)
hp 0950-4106 (200w - bst atx-1956d b1/b2)
hp 0950-4107 (200w w/pfc)
hp 0950-3253 (145w astec sa147-3505)
hp 0950-3623 (160wp3)
hp 0950-3426 (check your case for ac plug alignment)
hp 5184-3961 (185w chewbaka plus)
hp 0950-3751 (185w chewbaka plus)
*replacement power supply for hp; model(s):
0950-3949 / 5187-1098 / 332863-001

hipro hp-146ssc
hipro hp-150clfa6
hipro hp-a2027f3 (hpa2027f3)
hipro hp-a2007a3 rev 02
hipro fo-a1463-x5

liteon ps-6161-2 (160w ps3 no sw)
liteon ps-6161-2h (160w ps3 no sw)
liteon ps-6161-2h1 (188w ps3 no sw)
liteon ps-5101-2 (90w atx w/side fan)
liteon ps-5101-2b (90w atx w/side fan)
liteon ps-5151-2 (145w nlx)
liteon ps-5151-2h3
liteon ps-5151-6 (145w atx w/side fan)
liteon ps-6151-6 (145w atx)
liteon ps-6151-6c2 (atx 145w 173609-001)
liteon ps-6251-01

power man / in win ips-1806cv-60 (180w)
power man / in win lps-1806dv-20 (180w)
power man / in win iw-p180b2-0 (180w)
pcchips pc100 ps150a
pcwave pc100 ps150
solleron m-200-a
solleron m-200-b
toshiba spare part number: f000033760
yokogawa ps036b-0101

note: we may not list all compatiable models. if your model number is not in the list please compare the diamension  & connectors with your orginal power
supply unit. in most case it will be the correct replacment/ upgrade power supply when both requirements match. if you are still not sure please email us for
more information.

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